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Our Story

VueZ™ Magazine New York/Vienna Digital are hosting by i-Magazine AG was founded in 2007 SWISS COMPANY. The company is a provider of innovative and high-quality software for e-publishing and online marketing. More than 10.000 business customers and millions of readers from over 180 countries are using to create and distribute their publications. MagCloud gives VueZ™ Magazine New York/Vienna the power to create interesting, engaging content that been published in shareable print and digital versions.


VueZ™ Magazine brings you the forefront of the emerging urban lifestyles in each issue. We captivate our readers with the cutting edge in modern design, art, fashion, travel and modern living in a large perfect bound print and digital magazine. Our editorial style is a calculated blend of local, national and international content for the sophisticated professional and creative class who make New York City lifestyle what it is.


VueZ™ Magazine New York/Vienna is publishes print Six issues per year with a commitment to providing innovative content, clean design and vivid photography. With a press run of 30,000 print copies per issue VueZ™ is available by subscription and available for purchase in select link host by VueZ™ Magazine is also distributed to select fashion boutiques, design showroom, art galleries, boutique hotels and sponsored events in downtown Manhattan.

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